[arin-ppml] Fw: A Redefinition of IPv4NeedpostARINrun-out(was:Re:Against2013-4)

Mike Burns mike at nationwideinc.com
Wed Jun 19 12:40:19 EDT 2013

   You started by indicating that this was an issue with registry accuracy, but the fact is that 
   when the purported sale is contrary to the policy, the registry still accurately reflects the 
   actual party with the rights to the unique registry entry, since the rights only change when
   done in accordance with policy set by the community.   Whether something is being routed
   on the Internet or not is an entirely different matter, as shown operationally from time to time
   by the various route leaks that occur.

   The registry is accurate as long as it follows the community-developed policy; if you don't 
   like the policy, then work to change it.  Regardless, the registry accurately reflects what
   the community indicates it should under the circumstances.


Hi John,

The community has loudly and recently spoken about which goal of RFC-2050 is universally accepted.
That goal is registration. If you want to continue to maintain the fallacy that the entities which are actually routing and using the addresses as their own, after legally purchasing those rights, are not the ones who should be listed in the Whois registry, then you are standing the goal of registration on its head by simply defining all the entries as accurate, in the same way the authorities responded to Galileo (“and yet it moves”), by asserting the primacy of words over reality.

Nevermind the propriety of maintaining deliberately false abuse contact information for purposes of maintaining a goal of conservation which was designed in the Free Pool Era and which is not appropriate in a world with a transfer market.
If the needs requirement is driving transactions underground, we are asked here to prioritize goals. I argue that the goal of conservation is lower than the goal of registration, has always been so, and with the advent of a pricing paradigm which naturally supports conservation, it is foolish of stewards to maintain one practice in support of a lesser goal in the face of a negative impact on the primary goal.

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