[arin-ppml] ARIN-2013-4: RIR Principles / Request for General Thoughts

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Sun Jun 9 12:58:19 EDT 2013

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> 1) Do you support the principle of efficient utilization based on need
> (Conservation/Sustainability)?

[Milton L Mueller] Chris, as you know, conservation needs to be detached from needs assessments. One can have efficient utilization and conservation without needs assessments, once a free pool is fully occupied and transfers of resources take place via the market. 

Also, efficient utilization and conservation are distinct concepts. Once you bundle all these concepts together it is not really clear what people are supporting when they say the support it. 

> 2) Do you support the principle of hierarchical aggregation
> (Routability)?

[Milton L Mueller] Again, routability and hierarchical aggregation are distinct concepts, one could support one without supporting the other. Also, there are longstanding claims that ARIN does not guarantee routability. To make this clearer, just remove the "routability" term from this question. But generally, I think hierarchical aggregation is a Good Thing, especially in the IPv6 context. 

> 3) Do you support the principle of uniqueness (Registration)?

[Milton L Mueller] Yes. I also think it should be the top priority.

> 4) Do you support the goal of balancing these principles with each other
> under the overarching principle of Stewardship?

[Milton L Mueller] No. I am not opposed in principle to stewardship I just consider what you've written above to be a meaningless statement. 
> Please feel free to provide your thoughts on each of these items as
> general principles. Please state a definitive support or do not support
> for each individual principle/goal and provide a brief rational for that
> position. For now I'd like to ask that we evaluate the principles
> generally - and not to argue with each others opinions but simply to
> each state our own. Once we have a sense of the community support, we
> can then dig into specific text for each item based on the level of
> support and the rationale behind that level of support.
> This will be very helpful as we decide our next steps with this draft
> policy.
> Thanks,
> ~Chris
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