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On Jun 7, 2013 7:17 AM, "Chris Grundemann" <cgrundemann at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all,
> As the shepherd for ARIN-2013-4, I'd like to note that while the
> initial conversation on this draft policy was fairly constructive,
> more recent comments have gone a bit off topic. Rather than debating
> the history of internet governance it would be very helpful for the AC
> to understand the general sentiment of this community with regard to
> the draft policy more directly.
> With that in mind, I'd like to gather opinion and thoughts on several
> key questions. These questions should be answered in terms of how you
> believe ARIN should operate today and into the future in order to
> uphold its goal of stewardship of the Internet number resources in its
> care.
> 1) Do you support the principle of efficient utilization based on need
> (Conservation/Sustainability)?

No, not as implemented by ARIN.  I have posted to this list before my case
for why need-base should go away now, and in a post free pool world, and
definately for ipv6

Conservation has harmed the internet and forced NAT into nearly all
corporate, home, and mobile networks while also holding back progress on

I also have to use a ton of v4 squat.

> 2) Do you support the principle of hierarchical aggregation (Routability)?

No. It is simply not how the internet works.  Look a bgp table, it tells
the story of v4 and v6 not being aggregated accept by peering policy of /24
and /48

> 3) Do you support the principle of uniqueness (Registration)?

Yes. But i use squat ipv4 in a very large production environment

> 4) Do you support the goal of balancing these principles with each
> other under the overarching principle of Stewardship?

No. ARIN is an open community. Which sounds nice, but there is no minimum
bar on participation. Frankly, ip address admistration is not a magnet for
top engineering  talent.  It may be a magnet for lawyer talent.

ARIN is not a fit steward. As noted in previous mails, comcast has 4 ipv4
addresses per subscriber. I dont even have 0.25 addresses per sub.

My only point is that it's not purely equitable, it's how you work the

> Please feel free to provide your thoughts on each of these items as
> general principles. Please state a definitive support or do not
> support for each individual principle/goal and provide a brief
> rational for that position. For now I'd like to ask that we evaluate
> the principles generally - and not to argue with each others opinions

+1. This is my view only. I run a network.

One of my least favorite parts of ppml is mental thumb-wrestling

> but simply to each state our own. Once we have a sense of the
> community support, we can then dig into specific text for each item
> based on the level of support and the rationale behind that level of
> support.
> This will be very helpful as we decide our next steps with this draft

Thanks for asking


> Thanks,
> ~Chris
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> @ChrisGrundemann
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