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Steven Ryerse SRyerse at eclipse-networks.com
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Well Jason,  you have just proved the point.  I in fact did formally request a smallest block of IPv4 that ARIN and I was turned down and the reason they gave is that we did NOT qualify under current policy.  In my opinion this is the fear of IPv4 exhaustion run amok.

Since ARIN is essentially the monopoly for the US area, I was turned down for the smallest block from the only official organization that allocates to the US.  I kind of expected ARIN to contact me to see if there was a way they could allocate under their current policies but that didn't happen.  I appreciated the fact that I had several folks who volunteered to help steer me thru the process and play the needs game(s) that the current ARIN policies require an organization to go thru.  I used the word "game" here because it is a game and I have not yet decided if I want to play it.  I still need the block so I have a business decision to make - somehow morph my application to meet one of the arbitrary policies OR go around ARIN and buy a block on the open market which does exist.  I'm just about out of current space so I'll have to make this business decision soon.

Some folks in this community have told me I'm just angry that I didn't get what I wanted.  You are darn right I am angry and I have every right to be angry.  ARIN's mission is to allocate resources and it isn't to NOT allocate.  ARIN is the duly authorized monopoly organization to do these allocations and they have refused to allocate and they used this communities input as their excuse.  Needs based allocations are indeed arbitrary  and uneven and I believe them to be anti-internet and of course ARIN's mission state is to be pro-internet.  Unless we fix these policies this is going to get worse for everyone and not better!

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If I wanted to buy a /24 right now (with needs justification) where
would I go to find one? Who has one for sale?


or ask a facilitator for help,


Or register with ARIN that you have justified need and are looking for a /24


Or go to places operators congregate and ask around.

I'm not sure I understand the point of this question.


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