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William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Wed Jun 5 12:19:27 EDT 2013

On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 11:47 AM, Jason Schiller <jschiller at google.com> wrote:
> The point here is the free pool being empty is only a snapshot in time, so I
> would challenge any argument that suggests we should remove needs based
> allocation / assignments once ARIN's free pool depletes.

Hi Jason,

On the other hand, one could apply needs-based assignment only to
whatever addresses are present in the free pool at the time of the
request. The assumption (unproven) is that the money which changes
hands as part of a transfer from one registrant to another is
sufficient to guarantee efficient utilization. This doesn't remove
needs basis but it does change its scope.

IMO, the problem in such an approach is not the stated assumption but
the unstated one: that the offer of money will be sufficient to assure
address availability on the market. Look at any of the free markets
where leaseholds are common to see that failing to occur. But that
seems to be a problem with all of the kinds of needs-based assignment
that has been contemplated here too.

If I wanted to buy a /24 right now (with needs justification) where
would I go to find one? Who has one for sale?

Bill Herrin

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