[arin-ppml] Against 2013-4

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Wed Jun 5 12:04:50 EDT 2013

Certainly, considering a removal of justified need for transfers is a different argument.  Lets try to keep those discussions separate.

Yes. Yes. Yes. This is precisely the point I was trying to make in my previous post. I agree, if ARIN somehow ends up with a replenished free pool via a sudden influx of /8 returns (it won't, but never mind) it can disburse those numbers for free using traditional needs-based mechanisms all it likes. I frankly won't give a damn; most of the supporters of "no need" won't either. It is the _transfer market_ that the "no needs" policies are targeted at. That is where needs assessments introduce needless (pardon the pun) friction, delay, inefficiency, opacity, uncertainty, and concerns about fairness. Can we agree on that?

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