[arin-ppml] Against 2013-4

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Tue Jun 4 12:47:54 EDT 2013

On 6/4/13 8:25 AM, Blake Dunlap wrote:
> Now legitimately, I don't think some or maybe even most of the advocates
> of dropping needs basis are in it for personal gain. There are at least
> a few if not a lot of them that genuinely believe that some version of a
> "free" market is the best solution to directing goods to those who
> should have them. Let's not marginalize them with accusations of self
> profit motivation, it needlessly creates animosity and an us vs them
> attitude.

One of the more vocal proponents of dropping needs based is because that 
person didn't get their way and threw a public fit of epic proportions 
here on the list a while back. To me that represents the "free market" 
attitude and as such I'm completely against it.


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