[arin-ppml] Against 2013-4

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Tue Jun 4 00:14:49 EDT 2013

On 6/3/13, William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 3, 2013 at 9:50 AM, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:
>>> 0.1. Efficient utilization based on need (Conservation)
>> This represents confused thinking. Conservation as a
>> principle does NOT necessarily mean needs-based allocation.

> I agree. Needs based allocation has been called into question for good
> reason these past few years. Principles should be things which aren't
> in serious, active dispute.

"Conservation" is the principle.

"Justified need"  as a criteria is an implementation detail, that
should be changed as necessary.

Once again...   a justification that _principles_  ought to be in a
different document, and not so mutable as "policy".

Principles should not change every year,   maybe every 25 years, there
could be a small tweak;     they should be the fundamental  things
the  internet community agrees on that number resource policy should
be based.

They certainly ought not reflect specific things about today's  policy
implementation details;  like  "justified need"  as the specific
detail,  about  the mechanism / how RIRs  currently go about
implementing conservation.


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