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Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Mon Jun 3 23:39:52 EDT 2013

Milton L Mueller wrote:
> I would have to oppose most of the statements in this proposed revision of the RIR principles. 

noting, first, that the author has clarified his intent -- documenting
current principles in the impending absence of rfc 2050, not revising
any principles per se. (i support that goal.)

> ...
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>> Policy Statement:
>> Section 0: Principles and Goals of the Internet Registry System
>> 0.1. Efficient utilization based on need (Conservation)
> This represents confused thinking. Conservation as a principle does NOT necessarily mean needs-based allocation. There are many ways to conserve number resources without the fiction of technical needs assessment. For example, pricing or fees graduated to the number of addresses used is a form of conservation. Market trading, in which you bid a scarcity-based price for number blocks, is a form of conservation.

i'm not ready to hear arin's current technical needs assessment called a
"fiction". if you really think this, then you should address it
directly, not as a cheap shot buried in a policy debate.

other methods of conservation may be acceptable to ARIN, and could be
proposed. note that market trading is likely to be seen as controversial
and not as a restatement of current policy.


Milton L Mueller wrote:
> ... the consensus within the RIPE APWG is pretty clearly in favor of
> the no need proposal, and the topic is highly controversial even
> within the ARIN region.

i think consensus could have been called either way after the ripe

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