[arin-ppml] Policy regulate ARIN's responds time.

John Curran jcurran at arin.net
Tue Dec 10 15:12:27 EST 2013

On Dec 11, 2013, at 3:51 AM, Lu Heng <h.lu at anytimechinese.com> wrote:
> Hi John
> The ticket number was only mailed to you but not the list.
> The problem being raise here is not about the information ARIN
> requested or if we willing to provided or what we'd like to discuss
> with ARIN(or in another words, the nature of the ticket, please keep
> it confidential as it should) , it is only about the responds time.


> In average we get 3 weeks or more responds time in a single sentence
> or simple question we sent to ARIN, as I understand from every RIR's
> roles- to be secretary of each regional community, in any request to
> ARIN, regardless it is about recourse or not, I believe it is nature
> to have hostmaster or someone working at ARIN actively communicate
> with its members or future members, or even just someone in the
> community,  And I believe if there is a misunderstand from the member
> side, hostmaster should actively explain to members about the
> policy--as the hostmaster or ARIN should have the best understanding
> of the policy--not its members, its ARIN's job to explain to its
> member or future member the exact implantation of the policy. In our
> case, we just think we have a different understanding of the policy
> then the hostmaster, and we are trying to discuss it with
> hostmaster--nothing else, no more than just a discussion, we very
> possible be wrong on our side as obviously ARIN should be the most
> experienced party with its own community's policy, but as a future new
> member, we believe discussion and getting active reply in the ticket
> to future our request--it is just nature of ARIN'S job.

That is generally correct (it is the nature of ARIN's job to respond to
these requests), but I will note that some requests pose new challenges,
e.g. processing of non-native languages at ARIN, which may cause initial
delays in responding while we determine our our options for handling such.

> Even though I would also personally believe it is odd to put responds
> time requirement in the policy, but from what we had experience in
> past months, a simple question awaiting answer over a month, I believe
> there might be some necessity to it.

I can assure you that we can now respond much faster to these types of 
requests in the future, having done necessary research into various
options for processing.  This does not change the need to be compliant
with the adopted number resource policy in order to receive approval 
for a request, but we can provide a timely response indicating what is
needed for processing and/or acceptable formats.


John Curran
President and CEO

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