[arin-ppml] 8.2 Transfers at ARIN

David Huberman David.Huberman at microsoft.com
Wed Dec 4 14:39:31 EST 2013


I would like to start a PPML discussion about the transfer world. Specifically, I would like to discuss 8.2 transfers with respect to both ARIN policy and ARIN internal procedures and processes.  To ensure this discussion is based on solid factual evidence, I have a stats request for ARIN staff.

For calendar years 2011 and 2012, and for 2013 YTD, please provde:

- The raw number of 8.2 transfer requests submitted
- The raw number of those requests which were approved.
- The raw number of those requests which were completed.  I believe "completed" is defined as the organization having signed an RSA (or having one already on file), having paid any required fees, and Whois/JPN having been updated as per the transfer request.

Please provide each of these numbers broken down by year.

Upon receipt of these stats, I would like to begin a discussion of how ARIN policy and ARIN procedure can better serve the needs of the community in 2014 and beyond.

With regards,

David R Huberman
Microsoft Corporation
Senior IT/OPS Program Manager (GFS)

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