[arin-ppml] Bootstrapping new entrants after IPv4 exhaustion

George, Wes wesley.george at twcable.com
Sun Dec 1 09:49:57 EST 2013

> At the current point of ipv6 uptake I can't see how any business model
> on ipv6 only could survive if your network is big enough that you need
> direct allocation.  You just wouldn't have enough visibility only single
> stacked ipv6 at this point.

[WEG] T-Mobile US has an existence proof that IPv6-only (with NAT64 and 464xlat) works at scale, and transparently to end users. Kitkat devices are IPv6-only on mobile by default. YMMV of course, but that gets less risky the more IPv6 deployment there is, because the transition goo only has to act on the legacy IPv4 stuff, which should be trending downward.

So if anything, focus on tweaking 4.10 to ensure that those who need to build that model or something similar can get the IPv4 space they need to bootstrap their edge IPv6->IPv4 translation even if they can't get what they need from an upstream anymore.

To echo Michael's comments and turn yours around 180 degrees, I can't see how any business model relying on new IPv4 addresses could survive unless it has already taken into account the costs of getting addresses on the transfer market. You might be building the most innovative buggy whip out there today, but if your entry timing is such that your primary raw material is unavailable at a price your market will support, or the market for your previously innovative product has evaporated, your business fails.
It's sad, and I'm not wishing it on anyone, but I don't think we're doing anyone any favors by protecting them from that [harsh] reality. Insert Agent Smith "sound of inevitability" quote here.

Wes George

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