[arin-ppml] Clean up definition of LIR/ISP vs. end-user

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Tue Apr 30 15:09:27 EDT 2013

> While I agree that from the perspective of 'this allocation is for 3rd party
> use' leads to LIR==ISP, the justification process and unit sizes were
> historically a little different in that ISP customer ~= /30 - /32 blocks
> while typical LIR customer  ~<  /27, and the ISP was also getting space for
> an internal infrastructure while the LIR did not. My concern is that by
> merging terms there might be an unintended consequence in the evaluation
> side of this. I have no objection to the merge and actually support the
> simplification, just asking that someone comment about potential confusion
> between those with an infrastructure (ISP), and those without (LIR). If we
> effectively split the ISPs into the LIR part supporting customers, and the
> end-user part for their infrastructure, that may simplify policy language,
> but make the justification/evaluation process more difficult.

I've never seen anything like that in the ARIN region. It is not uncommon
for ISPs in the ARIN region today to receive /28 and even /24 allocations.

(IMHO, this is a good thing).


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