[arin-ppml] Justifying an ISP /22

Randy Carpenter rcarpen at network1.net
Wed Apr 17 20:51:56 EDT 2013

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> On 4/16/13, Randy Carpenter <rcarpen at network1.net> wrote:
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> > 3. Have upstream ISPs that refuse to hand out any more PA space (which
> > appears to be the rule rather than the exception now) (I'm not sure how one
> > would go about proving this, but I have seen situations where the upstream
> > would likely write a letter of support)
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Yeah, that part is a little too specific, and I would say unnecessary, provided proper re-working of the other parts. (lowering to a /22 from a /20 is the big one)

> So the concern is...  if ARIN adopts a policy allowing additional IP
> addresses to be acquired specifically if the ISP refuses to allocate
> them to satisfy the justified need;  ARIN  could essentially be
> encouraging the ISP to collude with the subscriber, and refuse to
> allocate.

I think there is almost the same incentive for collusion now:

Upstream: "I'll give you a /20 for a month (just log enough for you to get PI space from ARIN)"
ISP: "Sounds good. I'll put it in production on some dynamic IP customers, for which changing is easy"
Upstream: "Here ya go."
ISP: "Thanks, I'm now done with it"
Upstream: Rinse, repeat.

This is all perfectly within the policies of the NRPM as far as I can tell.

I have been party to very similar conversations before. I have always looked (and continue to) for ways of accomplishing the desired result without resorting to such a situation.


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