[arin-ppml] Justifying an ISP /22

Otis L. Surratt, Jr. otis at ocosa.com
Wed Apr 17 17:41:03 EDT 2013

Jumping on ppml late..


>1. Be an ISP with *any* amount of space from an upstream

I'm not so sure this would be advisable? Wouldn't it be better to have
at least a /24?  Or is this what you had in mind?

>2. Be able to justify a 3-month need for a /22
>3. Have upstream ISPs that refuse to hand out any more PA space (which
appears to be the rule rather than the exception now) (I'm not sure how
one would go about proving this, but I have seen situations where the
upstream would likely write a letter of support)
>4. Be forced to take an automatic IPv6 allocation (at whatever
NRPM-supported size is appropriate (preferably /32 min.))

I agree with the /32 minimum.

I remember when we became an ARIN member we had 1 /24 PA and 1 /23 PA
plus we were multi-homed so we could justify the /22.
We actually had an ASN first then we got our first allocation about 1
month later. Either way, renumbering was not that bad but still could
have been avoided with what you are proposing.

- Otis

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