[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2013-3: Tiny IPv6 Allocations for ISPs

Michael Sinatra michael+ppml at burnttofu.net
Sun Apr 7 21:18:48 EDT 2013

On 04/07/13 18:10, Paul Vixie wrote:
> ...
> Michael Sinatra wrote:
>> ...
>> I don't like discussing the fee schedule on PPML any more than anyone
>> else, but as an operator, I am being asked to support an
>> operationally-suboptimal policy as a band-aid for this one issue in the
>> fee schedule, and that's what's giving me heartburn right now.
> are you aware of the other arin mailing list, limited to members unlike
> this public policy mailing list (PPML), where discussions of fees paid
> would be somewhat more targeted since it would be a discussion of
> fee-payers? this mailing list is documented here:
> http://lists.arin.net/mailman/listinfo/arin-discuss

Yes.  To be honest with you, I don't like discussing the fee schedule at
all. :)

I think it's relevant for PPML because we're being asked to support a
policy where I believe an operationally-superior option is to tweak the
fee schedule, so I wanted to explain my opposition to that policy.

However, I think it's a good idea to raise it on arin-discuss@, and I'll
do that...after dinner. :)


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