[arin-ppml] Incorrect POC on resource records

Andrew Koch andrew.koch at gawul.net
Tue Sep 25 17:28:37 EDT 2012

On Thu, Sep 20, 2012 at 10:32 PM, Ted Mittelstaedt <tedm at ipinc.net> wrote:

> Heather (and John),
>   I frankly believe that ARIN is HOPING that in the case of the abandoned
> legacy resources out there that someone will indeed come along and hack
> them to make a change.
>   ARIN views this issue from a birds eye view not a micro eye view.
> To you or I, an abandoned /24 legacy space these days is enough addressing
> to run a webhosting business that could generate enough
> money to support someone as a full time job.
>   But from ARIN's point of view, a /24 is a microscopic amount
> of the entire IPv4 space they are in charge of, and they don't give
> a rat's ass that some smart cracker may come along and take advantage
> of a loophole to change the POC on it.
>   I have approached ARIN before, through channels, with documented
> proof that once such legacy block is abandoned.  They know it's
> abandoned because they have assigned a No, Contact Known NIC handle
> to at least the tech contact.  The Abuse contact on it is going to an
> obvious domain name speculator.
>   But, the organization name on it is a legitimate and existing org.
> My guess is ARIN has no guidelines on what to do in this case - the
> org exists, the street address on it is correct, but none of the POCs
> on it are valid, and the subnet hasn't appeared in the BGP table for
> the past 8 years.
>   So, the addressing sits idle, and unused - and in the meantime there
> are new orgs out there desperate for any amount of IPv4 who cannot take
> advantage of it.


While the addresses may not appear in a BGP table that you can see, that
does not necessarily indicate that they are abandoned, idle or unused. ARIN
seems to have properly judged your report - they cannot know if the ORG,
still a functional business, is utilizing these for any number of other
legitimate non-big-I Internet uses - and therefore has not removed the
registration from the database.

It may be difficult that some organizations may no longer appear to be
using their address space, where others are going to be out-of-luck, but
ARIN policies are very clear in this case - take no action unless directed
by an appropriate POC.

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