[arin-ppml] Regarding unauthorized changes (Re: Policy question)

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Sun Sep 23 04:31:21 EDT 2012

> Christoph,
>  I will address this hypothetical situation (since Jeffrey has not
> provided the actual details)
>  ARIN is not taking on a liability by offering an opinion on this
> situation.  In fact, if it did come to a court trial, a judge could
> compel ARIN to render an opinion.

Perhaps not, but, ARIN would be taking on liability if they were to act on that opinion and modify the resource records accordingly.

>   ARIN telling Jeffrey to go to a judge isn't letting them off the hook, here, not by a long shot.  They are still going to get sucked into it if it goes to a judge.

ARIN is not (as near as I can tell) attempting to evade responsibilities or "get off the hook". ARIN is merely following the policies set by this community and operating the registry in accordance with those policies.

As to your suggestion that Jeffrey pursue this in small claims, I'm not sure that one has the ability to seek injunctive relief of the type he would need in small claims. I thought small claims was limited to monetary damages not exceeding $X where the value of X varies from state to state and time to time.


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