[arin-ppml] Regarding unauthorized changes (Re: Policy question)

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Fri Sep 21 11:02:11 EDT 2012

I would like to ask what actually needs to happen in the case of an
organization that fires a disgruntled PoC who tries to stonewall network
changes and prevent the proper updating of resource records?  It seems a
little far fetched that this situation would require a court order to
resolve.  The network owner must have some path to replace a malicious or
obstructive PoC.  

I realize that dns registrations are only borderline comparable, but in that
case the CTO can provide a substantiated request to the domain registrar to
have records changed and that happens with relatively minimal fuss and

There must be more to the case under discussion than meets the eye.  



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> Number resources are assigned to the organization that own the
> newtork(s) resources are assigned to;  the resources don't belong to
> the authorized POCs,  whether ARIN thinks a person or their "Arin
> Online account" are an authorized contact or not...  that is an
> expediency.
> Contacts have no right to request changes on their organization's
> behalf, and represent that they are authorized,   if  their role
> within the organization no longer exists and  has changed in such a
> manner,  as they would not be authorized to make the change, so in
> theory... there should be little possibility at all whatsoever of a
> "dispute of authorized status",   ARIN should listen to  whatever
> organization  signed the RSA, actually contracted for the resources,
> and can prove that with suitable notarized documents.
> For example, if an organization fires their employee who is also their
> Administrative POC, but ARIN is not informed.    The former
> administrative POC is no longer authorized within the organization to
> make changes.
> If that person,  still listed as a POC for the resource, comes to
> ARIN,   and requests unauthorized changes,  such as a change of
> address,  or deletion of  other contacts, and they are executed,
> because ARIN was never informed that the contact is no longer
> authorized.....
> Will ARIN revert those changes, and replace the Admin POC with the new
> one,  when provided a suitable attestation by the officers of the
> organization?
> If not, perhaps the policy in place is  not really adequate....
> >    the changes to the records, and the changes were all made by
> authorized
> >    contacts for the resources and the registry was updated correctly.
> Note
> > also
> >    this matter has not involved a question of judgement by ARIN, but
> simply
> > that
> >    an ARIN Online account for the party holding the resources made the
> > change
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