[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2012-7: Reassignments for ThirdParty Internet Access (TPIA) over Cable

Hayee Bokhari bokhari at cronomagic.com
Fri Sep 7 11:59:27 EDT 2012

>> William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> 
>> Wait, let me do the math. So if I have 50 customers in one
>> neighborhood (one node) and -nothing- anywhere else in the cable
>> operator's 1000 node region, I have to provision a /16 so that each
>> node can have a /26 and each of my 50 customers can use a single
>> dynamic IP address?
>Yes. Because the next day, these 50 customers are on a different router. 
>> This is the behavior ARIN is asked to facilitate?
>This is not a behavior. This how DOCSIS and CMTSes work. 
>Feel free to start your own cable standard that won't have this 
>limitation, implement it and sell it. We'll be waiting. 


Any comments on the following document


Just read Para # 14 to 19

Is this something Videotron looking into?

Hayee Bokhari

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