[arin-ppml] Policy proposal: Penalize IPv4 bad actors

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Fri Sep 7 11:55:04 EDT 2012

On Fri, Sep 7, 2012 at 10:59 AM, Joe Maimon <jmaimon at chl.com> wrote:
> William Herrin wrote:
>> Network infrastructure operators who as a condition of access under
>> government regulations require third party ISPs to manage IP addresses
>> in a manner inconsistent with ARIN policy are themselves ineligible to
>> hold ARIN number resources.
>> If no reasonable technology (deployed or otherwise) could both meet
>> the government regulations and permit compliance with ARIN IP address
>> policy, this policy shall not apply.
>>      Rationale:
> If you expect ARIN policy to be malleable to support your technological
> choices, then it is only fair if the community expects the reverse.
> As others have pointed out this stick is to big to take seriously, but other
> wording that made the underlying carrier responsible for the
> (under)utilization of the third parties while interacting with ARIN may
> actually work.
> Team the two concepts/proposals together and I could support both.

"Where a registrant fails to qualify for addresses due to a third
party requirement and where the third party's requirement demands
behavior contrary to ARIN policy, the third party shall share the
first registrant's fate with regards to qualification for ARIN number
resources even if the third party would otherwise qualify."


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