[arin-ppml] Draft Policy ARIN-2012-7: Reassignments for ThirdParty Internet Access (TPIA) over Cable

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Sep 6 17:30:57 EDT 2012

On Sep 6, 2012, at 14:10 , Jean-Francois.TremblayING at videotron.com wrote:

>> "Hayee Bokhari" <bokhari at cronomagic.com> 
>> Here is a solution or Gene in a box, cable operator should start 
>> using IPV6 across their Network, Is it possible, Yes. Can cable 
>> Operator do it????
>> Any comments Jean-Francois?
> I can't speak for other operators, but on our side, we are 
> unfortunately waiting for some critical pieces of software 
> to be available to make IPv6 available. Comments such as 
> this one might give you a hint on what's missing (second paragraph): 
> http://blog.comcast.com/2012/06/world-ipv6-launch.html
> However IPv6 alone is not a solution to IPv4 exhaustion. 
> There's actually a technology that would provides nice 
> IPv4 aggregation for TPIAs, but it comes at a price. 
> <flame-retardant-bullet-proof-suit-on>
> </running away as fast as possible with nose pinched>

If you could deploy IPv6, you could use IPv4 over GRE-IPv6
to provide IPv4 access without having to allocate excessive
addresses beyond current ARIN policy in the IPv4 realm as
you would not need to involve the incumbent MSO in the
IPv4 addressing process.

However, since that is not immediately practical, I recognize the
need for this policy and fully support the latest draft.


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