[arin-ppml] quantitative study of IPv4 address market

Paul Vixie paul at redbarn.org
Tue Sep 4 23:12:05 EDT 2012

to me the most significant fact in all of this is that well capitalized
organizations do not act as if, in any way, there was an impending ipv4
exhaustion event, or even a shortage. they are by and large not treating
ipv6 as though it was an imminent necessity. they know they can get ipv6
and run dual stack or translators for it at any time. their panic is
limited to laying in a long term supply of ipv4 because they will need
one or more half-decades to turn ship. they imagine, dimly if at all,
that less well capitalized enterprises will move first their growth and
then eventually their installed base to ipv6 but will not lose the
ability to reach ipv4 -- ever. in this view, 2**32 addresses will go to
the highest bidder, except for the dribs and drabs needed for "the 99%"
to use various kinds of NAT or address translation.

i am appalled. this is the same attitude that melts polar ice caps.


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