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Now, it seems, Paul has identified a third factor, or more accurately, a variant of the second. If I understand what he is saying correctly (and I may not), there was an options market for future address space conducted privately among address holders in a way "not subject to ARIN rules." Providing more evidence for the conclusions of our study, Paul intimated that this underground options market was driven by the mismatch between the short time horizon of ARIN needs assessments and the longer time frame dictated by business needs (measured in "half-decades").

Milton -

It is quite possible for a party (which may have the ability to free
up address space for transfer) to contract with another party to
submit such requests sometime in the future based on a variety
of conditions.  I am not aware of any specific cases of this, but
then again, there is no reason for ARIN to be aware of any such
agreement, just as there is no reason for the local registry of motor
vehicles to be contacted if you contract to provide someone a right
of first refusal on your automobile.

If an actual transfer request is submitted to ARIN, we will process
it according to the policies set by this community.  At this time,
specified transfers require that the resources go to a party that can
demonstrate need for them within 24-months based on current policies.


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