[arin-ppml] FW: [arin-announce] Initial Slate of Candidates Announced for ARIN Board of Trustees and Advisory Council - Candidate affiliation corrected

Bill Sandiford bill at telnetcommunications.com
Mon Sep 17 15:17:38 EDT 2012

Good Day,

I can see from the announcement below that Chris Morrow is not seeking
re-election to the ARIN Advisory Council.

As a colleague, I wish to thank Chris for the work he has done on the
Advisory Council.  It has been a pleasure working with him and he will be
sorely missed.

Bill Sandiford

On 2012-09-17 2:49 PM, "ARIN" <info at arin.net> wrote:

>Apologies - please note that the affiliation for Stacy Hughes has been
>corrected below.
>Elections for two seats on the ARIN Board of Trustees and five seats on
>the ARIN Advisory Council will be held online 24 October ­ 3 November

 The following candidates have agreed to run for office: 

>Board of Trustees:
* Paul Andersen of Egate
>* Ron da Silva of Time Warner Cable
>* William Herrin of ITT Exelis
>* Aaron Hughes of 6Connect Inc.
>* Martin Levy of Hurricane Electric
>* Dave Siegel of Level 3
>* Josh Snowhorn of Cyrus One

Advisory Council:
>* Jesse Geddis of LA Broadband LLC
>* Frank Hoonhout of State of Oregon
>* Stacy Hughes of tw telecom
>* George Morton of Madisol
>* Milton Mueller of Syracuse University School of Information Studies
>* Brandon Ross of Network Utility Force
>* Bill Sandiford of TELNET
>* Heather Schiller of Verizon Business
>* Rob Seastrom of Time Warner Cable
>* John Springer of Inland Telephone
>Many of the candidates will address the membership on 24 October during
>the ARIN XXX Public Policy and Members Meeting in Dallas. These
>speeches, brief biographies and a form to voice support for candidates
>can be found online at ARIN Election Headquarters:
>You can read election system instructions at:
>A compilation of Candidate questionnaire responses in PDF is available at:
Designated Member Representatives (DMRs) from ARIN's general members in
>good standing as of 25 August 2012 will be asked to vote for two
>candidates in the Board election and five candidates in the Advisory
>Council election. ARIN requires a name and personalized email address
>for the DMR; role accounts are not accepted. Voter eligibility must be
>established by 10 October. Member organizations that are not in good
>standing or do not have a valid DMR on file as of 10 October 2012 will
>not be eligible to vote. You can learn more about DMR role including
>instructions on how to update at:
>Please contact ARIN's Communications and Member Services Department at
>info at arin.net to ensure you have a properly registered DMR.

Congratulations and good luck to all of the candidates. Your
>willingness to take an active role in guiding the future of the Internet
>is appreciated. 


John Curran
President and CEO 

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