[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Meeting Results - October 2012

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Wed Oct 31 17:03:14 EDT 2012

We've corrected a typo in the message below. Prop-180 was abandoned by 
the AC. This action may be petitioned.

In accordance with the ARIN Policy Development Process the ARIN Advisory
Council (AC) held a meeting on 26 October 2012 and made decisions about
several draft policies and proposals.

The AC moved the following draft policies to last call (they will be
posted separately to last call):

   ARIN-2012-5: Removal of Renumbering Requirement for Small Multihomers
   ARIN-2012-7: Reassignments for Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) 
over Cable

The following remains on the AC's docket:

   ARIN-2012-2: IPv6 Subsequent Allocations Utilization Requirement
   ARIN-2012-6: Revising Section 4.4 C/I Reserved Pool Size
   ARIN-2012-8: Aligning 8.2 and 8.3 Transfer Policy

The following proposal was added to the AC's docket for development
and evaluation:

   ARIN-prop-182 Update Residential Customer Definition to not exclude 
wireless as Residential Service

The AC abandoned the following:

   ARIN-prop-180 ISP Private Reassignment

The AC provided the following statement: "The ARIN Advisory Council 
decided to abandon ARIN-prop-180 based on feedback from the community on 
PPML and at the Public Policy Meeting in Dallas.  The community 
expressed a clear lack of support for the policy idea as presented, and 
while several other ideas were discussed, there was no clear consensus 
on a path forward for this policy proposal.  The AC would encourage the 
originator and any interested members of the community to continue 
discussions on the issue, and would welcome a future policy proposal on 
the topic if any areas of consensus can be found.  Due to the 
difficulties of gaining consensus on a policy that is so broad, the AC 
recommends that future work in this area should be narrowed to solve a 
specific problem."

The AC abandoned ARIN-prop-180. Anyone dissatisfied with this decision 
may initiate a petition. The petition to advance a proposal would be the 
"Discussion Petition." The deadline to begin a petition will be five 
business days after the AC's draft meeting minutes are published. For 
more information on starting and participating in petitions, see PDP 
Petitions at:

Draft Policy and Proposal texts are available at:

The ARIN Policy Development Process can be found at:


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