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Lee Dilkie lee at dilkie.com
Fri Oct 26 11:59:48 EDT 2012


On 10/26/2012 11:30 AM, Patrick Klos wrote:
> Andrew Koch wrote:
>> Yesterday during the open mic at the policy meeting, Mike Joseph of
>> Google had planted an idea of making Admin and Tech contacts private.
>> Rather than being able to move all Admin and Tech contacts to being
>> private, I would be in favor of requiring one public POC of each type
>> be visible.  However,  additional POCs of those types could be marked
>> private.
>> This would provide for the ability to move all but a select
>> representative or role account to receive communications into a
>> private status.  These private POCs could continue to manage
>> resources.  It also balances the concern that POCs may receive a large
>> bit of unwanted communications and the need to contact them.
>> As I think about this a bit further, creating a role POC and then
>> being able to link multiple ARIN Online accounts to that role POC is
>> already available.  This would meet the ability to manage resources,
>> but not place personal details in the public database.  So, I think
>> further information on the drivers of this are needed.
>> In some after-meeting discussions, another thought that was brought
>> forward was moving the ability to view certain POC data to a
>> restricted system.  For example, in public whois, the resource would
>> link to a POC name, but the details (name, phone, email) would be only
>> accessible after logging into ARIN Online, or using REST with an API
>> key.
>> Regards,
>> Andrew Koch
> These ideas of hiding POCs are ridiculous!  What is the purpose of a
> "point of CONTACT" if you cannot use it to CONTACT someone?!?!
> I constantly use POCs to try to notify resource owners that their
> resources (usually a server on their network) have been compromised
> and are behaving badly (i.e. hosting phishing sites or
> viruses/trojans).  I don't get paid to do it - I do it because it
> needs to be done.  If more obstacles are put in my way (i.e. requiring
> me to use various web interfaces and log in to get the details I
> need), I will have less and less time to help out the community.
> What are people worried about that they feel their POC information
> should be "private"?? 
>  1. A little spam?!?  I get so little spam on my POC email addresses,
>     it's silly to worry about it! 
>  2. What else?  Privacy??  Businesses (legitimate ones, anyway) have
>     no reason to hide themselves!
> What good is a "private" POC?  Who would ever got to use it if it's
> private???
> Can someone come up with a single legitimate example of why they
> should have public Internet resources assigned to them, but their
> contact information should be hidden from the world??
> Sincerely,
> Patrick Klos
> Klos Technologies, Inc.
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