[arin-ppml] Updates to 2012-6

ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Fri Nov 23 16:39:41 EST 2012

The example offered reads "ICANN-sanctioned root and ccTLD operators". This
confuses me.

There are at least two root zone editors -- one in Marina del Rey and Reston,
and one or more in Beijing and elsewhere(s).

Publication of the MdR/R editor's data is made by one constellation of servers
authoritative for that root zone.

Publication of the Beijing editor's data is made by another constellation of
servers authoritative for that root zone.

The data originatived by two root zone editors differ. The difference is at
present a small number of labels and associated NS records present only in
the data originating from the Beijing editor.

I suggest first that it is unnecessary to take note only of one editor, and
may have adverse outcomes.

Next, to be slightly pendantic, the editorial function carried out in MdR/R
arises from the IANA Functions Contract, not the current incumbent contractor.
This may not appear to matter but the current IANA Function Contract award
was made through open, competitive bidding, and subsequent awards may be to
parties other than the current incumbent contractor. If this text is not to
have only momentary validity the reference could be to the contract, not to
the contractor.

I appreciate that the example language is in the current NPRM -- this is
not the only place where uniqueness and authority appears as fact, when the
converse are facts in evidence.

In the next note I'll comment on the allocation policy comment Rodney made.


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