[arin-ppml] Utilization policy is not aggregate

Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at blacklotus.net
Tue Nov 13 22:36:52 EST 2012


I put in a IPv4 request today and received this reply:

-- snip --

Message:Hello Jeffrey,

Thank you for the reply. We don't aggregate your holdings to come up
with a utilization percent. Each individual block must be efficiently
utilized. That's how policy is written, and that's how ARIN's operated
since our inception. 2% of a /21 isn't a lot, you're right, but policy
is policy, and it says 80%, so it's best if we don't make exceptions
and hold everyone to the same rule, dont you agree?

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We hold 2 x /21 and it seems that 78% + 92% = 85% aggregate
utilization is not sufficient under current policy.  I do not believe
it is equitable that we're ineligible to request resources because our
space is deaggregated where a network operator with contiguous /20
would be eligible.

Would anyone else be in favor of amending this?

Jeffrey A. Lyon, CISSP
President, Black Lotus Communications
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