[arin-ppml] Additional modifications to Section 8.3 related to ASN's and legacy addresses

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon May 21 22:44:30 EDT 2012

On May 21, 2012, at 4:16 PM, David Farmer wrote:

> On 5/21/12 5:29 PM, Martin Hannigan wrote:
>> Needs assessments or services agreements with ARIN are not required
>> for legacy resource transfers.
> I cannot this support policy language as it differentiates legacy resources, as someone who works for a legacy resource holder I think this is a really bad idea, the LRSA provides sufficient protections for legacy resource holders.  Anyway, it is the resource holder and the resource assignment together that has the legacy classification, once that binding is broken the classification is broken.

Exactly... Resources, once transferred are not legacy resources, so, needs
assessment must apply to the recipient or it is begging an immediate section 12-
based needs assessment upon completion of the transfer.

>> ARIN will provide a written and detailed notice that includes the
>> reasons why when refusing any number resource or ASN transfer.  This
>> notice will be provided to both parties to the transfer and to the
>> recipient RIR.
> I have legal concerns about the disclosure to third parties this requires ARIN to make.  If the legal concerns can be dealt with, then I think this is probably a good idea, but I think there is lawyer fodder in there.
> I cannot support this proposal as written.

+1 -- Do not support.


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