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Fri May 18 13:48:00 EDT 2012

ARIN-prop-168 Promote 4byte ASN Usage

The proposal originator revised the proposal.


Communications and Member Services
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)

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ARIN-prop-168 Promote 4byte ASN Usage

Proposal Originator: Joe Maimon

Proposal Version: 1.1

Date: 18 May 2012

Proposal type: Modify

Policy term: Temporary

Policy statement:

Add section 5.2

5.2 Guidelines

ARIN will issue AS Numbers under the following guidelines.

5.2.1 Unused

ARIN will attempt to assign to the organization an AS Number which has
neither been previously assigned nor publicly used, as available.

5.2.2 Requests

An organization may request from ARIN either a specific AS Number or
type of AS Number, if available to ARIN. The organization must document
to ARIN's satisfaction technical or real world justification for its
request. ARIN may review the data directly with all involved parties.

5.2.3 Rectification

ARIN may reuse the provided documentation in such public and private
forums as it deems appropriate and useful to promote the rectification
of issues documented via 5.2.2 request justification.

5.2.4 Restrictions

Assignments received via 5.2.2 requests are additionally restricted from
8.3 transfers for a period of 24 months post assignment.

5.2.5 Release

An organization can exchange the 5.2.2 number for a 5.2.1 number, after
which time the restriction on transferring the assignment will be released.

5.2.6 Publication

Section 5.2 neither requires nor recommends that ARIN publicize its
available AS Numbers.

5.2.7 Expiration

ARIN may retire section 5.2 anytime during a period of more than 24
calendar months that have gone by without any completed 5.2.2 requests.


Changes from V1.0

5.2.1 "used" -> "publicly used"

5.2.2 "must provide" -> "must document"

5.2.2 "technical justification " -> "technical or real world justification"

5.2.3 strike "with suitable privacy considerations in place"

5.2.3 "public forums" -> "public or private forums"

5.2.3 "necessary to promote" -> "appropriate and useful to promote"

5.2.3 "rectification of documented causes" -> "rectification of issues
documented via 5.2.2 request justification"

5.2.4 "being transferred" -> "from 8.3 transfers"

5.2.7 "after a period of" -> "during a period of more than"

Unless otherwise requested, providing an ASN with no baggage or history
should be preferential to both the organization and to ARIN.

The restrictions and clauses regarding technical justification are
designed for the promotion of 4byte ASN uptake and preservation of 2byte
ASN's for those who truly need them. Additionally, this may help to
assist in resolving apparently pervasive obstacles in the ARIN region to
using 4byte ASN's.

Further, if an organization does have a valid technical justification
for a specific AS Number that is available, for example, when a network
was built with an ASN that was subsequently reclaimed due to accidental
negligence or other similar cases, there is little benefit to ARIN
refusing to provide the organization what it can show it needs.

ARIN need not publicize available ASNs but it may choose to do so if it
is the most efficient and prudent method of implementation.

Should this policy become a relic (we hope), ARIN is expressly
authorized to excise it.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate.

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