[arin-ppml] ARIN-2012-3: ASN Transfers - Last Call

Blecker, Christoph christoph.blecker at ubc.ca
Wed May 16 13:44:11 EDT 2012

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> Sure, ARIN could pursue this type of recovery of ASN's - just like
> they could have pursued this kind of recovery for v4.  The community
> rejected recovery several times, I think for the same reason they
> would reject recovery for ASN's.  It simply does not address the
> underlying desire driving this policy:  For the holder of the resource
> to choose (or have chosen for them, by a bankruptcy court) who to pass
> the resource on to.   There is no underlying technical argument to do
> so, when a network, equipment or customers do not pass with the number
> resource, and those cases are covered by 8.2.  I have yet to hear
> anyone describe a corner case not covered by 8.2, aside from the
> bankruptcy court trying to extract profit for a resource.. a resource
> that at other times we claim, derives its value solely from its
> uniqueness and the services provided by ARIN.
> So then, why do it?  Because, in the case of ASN's where scarcity is
> not an issue, the specific order or length of the numbers means
> something to the receiver of the resource.   Be they short, memorable,
> or have some interesting or historical provenance the receiver finds
> the specific ASN valuable.
> Unlike ASN's, v4 netblocks are becoming scarce, so folks are
> incentivized to reorder their affairs and free up resources.  There is
> some reasonableness to that, and the idea of financially recovering
> what you can in order to cover the expense of renumbering.  Will that
> be the case with ASN's or will the ASN's that get transferred already
> be vacant?  The incentive to renumber needs to be high enough to
> justify or recover your renumbering costs.  Which means that either
> there is profit to be made or the resource is unused.   If its not in
> use, there is no expense for renumbering, so returning it back to the
> community is the right thing to do.  It's like returning a book to the
> library.. I don't understand why the lender holding it should get to
> choose who gets to borrow it next.
>  I believe thus far, no one has used 8.3 to transfer resources out of
> the goodness of their heart - those that believe the resources belong
> to the community have returned them to the free pool without regard to
> who will receive the resources in the future.
> --Heather

I couldn't have said it better. For this and many other of the reasons already stated, I remain in opposition to ARIN-2012-3 being recommended to the board for adoption.


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