[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-170 Transfer of Number Resources in caseof Bankruptcy

Drake Pallister drake.pallister at duraserver.com
Sat May 12 23:17:48 EDT 2012

Hello Gentlemen,

Ah the holding pen is another good name for a place to keep the resources 
safe during any proceedings.

I agree that there is a need for endangered resources to be kept operational 
during the disposition of the company using them.

There are a few reasons they should be kept alive.

Non-disruption of services to end users is way up there. In the event of a 
cableco, that could be many cities of citizens. Or a different ISP may have 
mission-critical operations riding on it. Though if it were a medical 
mission-critical, I'd hope they were supplied from two non-related sources, 
but who knows. We've all heard stories where a triple-redundant network was 
designed and services purchased through 3 vendors unknowing that at some 
point in the path, the 3 redundancies routed through one upstream ISP. It 
can happen and it has happened.

During whacky financial or legal proceedings, assets can be lost, 
squandered, impounded, etc., even due to mistakes or poor judgment. To have 
a place for "resources" to be kept safely distant from the "assets" should 
be considered so they don't accidentally be construed or mistaken as assets. 
There's always a chance for a company to pull itself out of a mess. Then, at 
least the "resources" had been kept a safe distance from the battle for the 
company to retrieve or the companies who legitimately pick up the pieces.

Here's a snip from my May 10 snip.
As I have mentioned in another list posting, I'd surely recommend that ARIN
examine the situation where ASN's or IP allocations are pulled back into
their safe haven, and allow for the continued Internet routing and
propagation of such "safe haven" ASN's or IP allocations to: 1.) not cause
further devaluation to the endangered entity by disconnection of its
subscriber base;  2.) assist in the non-disruption of IP services of the
endangered company's end user customer, hence the general public; 3.)
protect the physical integrity of such "safe haven"ASN's or IP allocations
in the event the troubled entity successfully pulls itself out of its
troubled condition; 4.) make administrative judgments of the ASN's or
allocation's should the troubled company go to the point of liquidation. (2
and 3 being of a higher ethical importance)
[end snip]

(And such a service, holding pen, safe harbor, whatever--- should not be 
dumped on ARIN to safeguard for free) Since it's not just the resources that 
make the Internet function, someone would be paying for electronic gear, NOC 
space, circuits, and bandwidth to keep the troubled company's network 
running during its demise or repair.

With all respect,
Drake Pallister

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>> The problem I see is that the resource may need to stay in operation 
>> during
>> the acquisition process to retain value.  For example if a local cable
> [snip]
> Not only will the AS most likely need to stay in operation during an
> acquisition process,
> but ARIN must provide the accurate WHOIS data for the AS as long as it
> is in operation,  so that the appropriate  contacts can be properly
> reached if there are any issues related to the AS.
> Temporarily "delisting an AS"  or any number resource still in
> operation is really just not proper.
> --
> -JH
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