[arin-ppml] Encouraging IPv6 Transition (was: Clarify /29 assignment identification requirement)

William Herrin bill at herrin.us
Fri May 11 13:31:29 EDT 2012

On 5/11/12, Izaac <izaac at setec.org> wrote:
> On Fri, May 11, 2012 at 01:26:32AM +0000, Paul Vixie wrote:
>> as far as i know, we bureaucrats are doing all we can to facilitate and
>> encourage that transition. if you have ideas on other things we can do,
>> please send them along.
> Some ideas which you may actually consider?  Off the top of my head,
> with little rationale exploration due to time constraint -- and hunger:
> - Outright REQUIRE IPv6 requests to correspond with and accompany all
>   IPv4 requests.  And then actually assign and issue that IPv6 space --
>   whether or not the requester has any intention of immediately using
>   it.

Hi Izaac,

Why make it even that difficult? Just preemptively assign an IPv6
address block to every registrant holding IPv4 addresses who does not
already hold IPv6 addresses. Why wait until they ask? It isn't as if
there's a shortage.

As I recall there were three main reasons why not:

1. Although we insist folks need to deploy IPv6, we couldn't possibly
assign them addresses until they publicly state the truth of our
belief by making a paid application.

2. The preemptive block might possibly not be the right size, leading
to a request for a second block and an entire extra route in the IPv6
BGP table. Never mind that it turns out somewhere between many and
most of the initial IPv6 allocations have ended up being the wrong
size anyway. As if the possibility that wouldn't happen had every been
more than wishful thinking.

3. Per the IETF, all IPv6 end users are supposed to get IPs from their
ISP, even though the technical basis for that plan has been thoroughly
discredited for more or less every situation in which a registrant
qualifies to hold ARIN IPv4 addresses.

Bill Herrin

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