[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-170 Transfer of Number Resources in case of Bankruptcy

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> If we think it only appropriate to allow ASN transfers when underlying
>  network equipment is being transferred, then I don't think any new policy
> is necessary.  However, if we think it would be appropriate to allow ASNs
> to be transferred independently of the underlying network resources in
> certain situations, that would require new policy, and the framework you've
> proposed (or a similar modification of 8.2) would be an excellent place to
> start.

There are two scenarios in order to maximize the value of an ASN in this
context. Transfer with a functional network which "may" be later integrated
into another ASN -- this makes the ASN more valuable if it can then be
transferred for an additional value after its no longer needed. Transfer
with the dead assets of a network. Bundled, the ASN has no value, it's part
of a storage locker that gets picked apart for its value and has the rest
discarded sometimes improperly. Compartmentalized, the ASN may have value
depending on it's marketability (aesthetics, PI concepts, availability,
etc.) and possibly how many bytes although in this context its assumed it's
two-bytes only.

It requires a framework that supports maximizing value in the interest of
continued use of the resource. Letting debtors recover their capital in
order to return a resource to use would be reasonable stewardship.


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