[arin-ppml] Clarify /29 assignment identification requirement

David Krumme david at airbits.com
Sat May 5 12:42:46 EDT 2012


I like your ideas which are quite clever.  However, my situation doesn't
match your expectations.  Maybe I am unique...?

> The expectations are for a healthy mix of assignments: dynamic pools
> and static assignments of various sizes with the larger static
> assignments properly swipped.

All my customers are assigned individual /32's.  I don't know why I would
be using dynamic pools for customers who are permanently connected and who
tend to use the Internet every day.  I've never had anyone want a /29.

> Error is important. A surprisingly large amount of information in an
> ISP's billing database is missing or wrong and obviously so. The
> smaller the ISP, the more true....Too-perfect data is a red flag.

Our billing database is almost perfectly error-free.  We audit it once a
month because it's less work to keep it straight than to deal with the
fallout from billing errors.  We are about as small as they come.  In my
experience, it is the really big providers that are so error-prone.

> Heck, you can infer from just the list of plan durations and end
> dates. If there are annual subscriptions but no cluster around
> Christmas and no late-summer dip then something is odd. And you don't
> need the slightest bit of PII to check.

We don't have any plan durations or end dates or annual subscriptions.

So I'm just saying that your techniques are based on certain assumptions
about how an ISP is run, assumptions that do not characterize my


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