[arin-ppml] Clarify /29 assignment identification requirement

David Krumme david at airbits.com
Fri May 4 20:50:04 EDT 2012

> I would think that any indirect evidence of a customer's existence
> would support the address utilization claim. A bank statement listing
> deposits and charges.

Our bank statement shows all sources of our income and would not in any
way tend to either validate or discredit our ISP activities.

> A demonstration of access to the routers implied
> by assignment claims with apparent programming and interface statuses
> that match.

I am not going to allow access to our routers to anyone out there on the
Internet, out of security as well as trade secret concerns. Sorry.

> A 10q or 10k filing listing customer counts.

We don't file such reports. The 477 that American ISPs are required file
at the FCC could be used, but I suppose it might be easy to lie to the FCC
if one were so inclined.

>Really, I
> could go on for paragraphs about what sort of anonymous, indirect data
> could reasonably imply downstreams' existences in the claimed
> quantities.

Maybe you could list at least one that would apply to a small ISP such as

I actually welcomed the request to provide the names of our subscribers. I
could have sent phone numbers and even some photographs. :-) The
subscribers were the one and only one reason we needed the IP addresses in
the first place. Each IP address allows one flesh-and-blood individual to
access the Internet to meet his or her needs. I feel like I am advocating
on behalf of my customers in this regard, and I don't mind listing their
names and IP addresses in order to advance their interests. I have only
one customer who would have objected to having his IP address known by
anyone. (I should have deleted his entry when I sent the list to ARIN...)
He's a gun-lover who some folks might describe as being rather on the
paranoid side. I try to humor him.


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