[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-169 Cleanup IPv6 section 6.5.7

David Farmer farmer at umn.edu
Wed May 2 15:56:19 EDT 2012

I support this proposal, and I believe it would simplify the text of 6.5.7.

As one of the shepherds for ARIN-2011-3, I'd like to provide some context;

ARIN-2011-3 originally had requirement for return that was removed in 
the last-call process.  With a return requirement it made sense to keep 
the original text allowing /35 recipients to move to /32 without return. 
  I honestly don't recall if it was simply an oversight that we didn't 
change the text to replace 6.5.7 or if we did it that way to minimize 
the changes made in last call.  However, the modified ARIN-2011-3 called 
for the text to be added to the section and not replace the section, so 
to be clear ARIN Staff implemented ARIN-2011-3 as instructed by the policy.

Thanks Andrew.

On 5/2/12 14:00 CDT, ARIN wrote:

> ARIN-prop-169 Cleanup IPv6 section 6.5.7
> Proposal Originator: Andrew Dul
> Proposal Version: 1
> Date: 2 May 2012
> Proposal type: modify
> Policy term: permanent
> Policy statement:
> Remove paragraph starting with "Organizations that received /35 IPv6
> allocations under the previous" in section 6.5.7 of NRPM.
> Rationale:
> Problem Statement: Cleanup existing NRPM policy to make IPv6 policy
> clearer and more concise.
> Section 6.5.7 was modified by policy 2011-3 by adding the paragraph
> "LIRs which received an allocation under previous policies which is
> smaller than what they are entitled to under this policy may receive a
> new initial allocation under this policy. If possible, ARIN will expand
> their existing allocation."
> to this section.
> The new paragraph that was added is believed to be inclusive of the
> original paragraph's intent, thus making the current 1st paragraph of
> this section redundant.
> The second paragraph is believed to be inclusive of allocations that
> would be granted under the first paragraph.
> Timetable for implementation: As soon as practical

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