[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-168 Promote 4byte ASN Usage

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Wed May 2 14:15:08 EDT 2012

I could support this policy with the following changes:

5.2.2 Remove "AS Number or" from the first sentence.

5.2.3 I don't understand what causes are being rectified, so, this entire
paragraph does not yet make sense to me. I would appreciate clarification
from the author.

5.2.4 I would prefer to see a longer period.

5.2.5 I don't really see a purpose to this clause. I would delete it.

5.2.6 is a no-op. It should be removed.

5.2.7 should also be removed. The policy can be retired by a proposal that
	achieves community consensus. There is no need for an auto-
	expiry process that is optional at the discretion of staff.

I don't believe this policy will do anything to achieve the objective stated
in the title, however, perhaps that is because I cannot decipher 5.2.3.
If the author manages to sufficiently clarify 5.2.3 and/or modify the policy
such that it would demonstrably achieve the titled objective, I would
support that objective.

Otherwise, it just looks like an attempt to back-door ASN transfers which
I oppose.


On May 1, 2012, at 11:31 AM, ARIN wrote:

> ARIN-prop-168 Promote 4byte ASN Usage
> ARIN received the following policy proposal and is posting it to the
> Public Policy Mailing List (PPML) in accordance with the Policy
> Development Process.
> The ARIN Advisory Council (AC) will review the proposal at their next
> regularly scheduled meeting (if the period before the next regularly
> scheduled meeting is less than 10 days, then the period may be extended
> to the subsequent regularly scheduled meeting). The AC will decide how
> to utilize the proposal and announce the decision to the PPML.
> The AC invites everyone to comment on the proposal on the PPML,
> particularly their support or non-support and the reasoning
> behind their opinion. Such participation contributes to a thorough
> vetting and provides important guidance to the AC in their deliberations.
> Draft Policies and Proposals under discussion can be found at:
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> Communications and Member Services
> American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)
> ## * ##
> ARIN-prop-168 Promote 4byte ASN Usage
> Proposal Originator: Joe Maimon
> Proposal Version: 1.0
> Date: 1 May 2012
> Proposal type: Modify
> Policy term: Temporary
> Policy statement:
> Add section 5.2
> 5.2 Guidelines
> ARIN will issue AS Numbers under the following guidelines.
> 5.2.1 Unused
> ARIN will attempt to assign to the organization an AS Number which has
> neither been previously assigned nor used, as available.
> 5.2.2 Requests
> An organization may request from ARIN either a specific AS Number or
> type of AS Number, if available to ARIN. The organization must provide
> to ARIN's satisfaction technical justification for its request. ARIN may
> review the data directly with all involved parties.
> 5.2.3 Rectification
> ARIN, with suitable privacy considerations in place, may reuse the
> provided technical documentation in such public forums as it deems
> necessary to promote the rectification of the documented causes.
> 5.2.4 Restrictions
> Assignments received via 5.2.2 requests are additionally restricted from
> being transferred for a period of 24 months post assignment.
> 5.2.5 Release
> An organization can exchange the 5.2.2 number for a 5.2.1 number, after
> which time the restriction on transferring the assignment will be released.
> 5.2.6 Publication
> This section provides neither requirement nor recommendation that ARIN
> publicize its available AS Numbers.
> 5.2.7 Expiration
> ARIN may retire section 5.2 anytime after a period of 24 calendar months
> without any completed 5.2.2 requests.
> Rationale:
> Unless otherwise requested, providing an ASN with no baggage or history
> should be preferential to both the organization and to ARIN.
> The restrictions and clauses regarding technical justification are
> designed for the promotion of 4byte ASN uptake and preservation of 2byte
> ASN's for those who truly need them. Additionally, this may help to
> assist in resolving apparently pervasive obstacles in the ARIN region to
> using 4byte ASN's.
> Further, if an organization does have a valid technical justification
> for a specific AS Number that is available, for example, when a network
> was built with an ASN that was subsequently reclaimed due to accidental
> negligence or other similar cases, there is little benefit to ARIN
> refusing to provide the organization what it can show it needs.
> Should this policy become a relic (we hope), ARIN is expressly
> authorized to excise it.
> Timetable for implementation: Immediate.
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