[arin-ppml] WhoWas Service Now in ARIN Online Announcement

admin at directcolocation.com admin at directcolocation.com
Wed Mar 28 15:04:45 EDT 2012

I guess it comes down to the fact of how they the ARIN intends to create
the starting point on this service since it is a new service, does it go
back in the historical past from the inception of the blocks that are
assigned to such or does it go forward from this point of the service
being created.

The key for his concern would be if they had problems in the past with the
anti spammers and continued having the same kind of problem customers,
then I could see the use of this service potential effecting the long term
reputation, since the problem would be that some of the anti spammer
groups that might use the service could refuse to work with this kind of
operator so they could at least clean up there act.

Does anyone know if ARIN intends to start the service from this point
forward and or go back into current historical data from the issuance of
the blocks in the whois.

If they start it from this point on then I would look at it as an
opportunity to get my house in order if you know that this is the kind of
customers you have been targeting.

Donald Mahoney
Network Engineer
Direct Colocation

On 3/28/12 2:31 PM, "Kevin Kargel" <kkargel at polartel.com> wrote:

It appears that after years of being harangued by 'anti-spam' cultists for
access to historic WHOIS data in order to burnish their credentials as
Official Spam Detectives and support their efforts to criminalize
marketing and drag email back to the DARPA era, ARIN has finally thrown in
the towel. I am frankly disappointed.
Has this topic every been discussed? This needs not to be part of the
Disciples of ARIN. I am optimistic this can be reversed pending
Nicky Smith
336.346.6000 x105

I, for one, do not understand what you perceive the evil of a WhoWas service
to be? Aside from the worst case of wasting admin time and budget I do not
see a real down side to it's existence. Please elucidate.

I do remember the topic being discussed on more than one occasion.
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