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George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Thu Mar 15 23:36:15 EDT 2012

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> Those of us who saw the end of 12 month supply requested new space at
> the 11th hour, which would at least partially explain the sudden drop.

If that's the case, then there would have been a corresponding ramp up toward the end of 2010.  I just don't see the frequency of having to go to ARIN as having any real impact on the number of IP addresses an organization actually requires to do business.  What this would seem to tell me is that people tend to make very optimistic projections of address requirements a year out and then fail to meet those targets and end up with a bunch of IP addresses they didn't really need.  Doing forecasting on a quarterly basis probably tends to be a little more realistic.  That said, going to 6 months would probably be ok, but a year is likely too much.  If that assumption is NOT true and if the change is simply due to people "stocking up" then we should see address consumption start to return to earlier rates after some period of time from the change once that supply has been put into service and more are required.

Probably better to leave things as they are and see how it goes for the next six months, in my opinion.

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