[arin-ppml] New Policy Proposal

Peter Rocca rocca at start.ca
Fri Jul 27 16:13:55 EDT 2012

> Isn't this already covered somehow?  As an ISP if I SWIP IP addresses to a peer or a customer 
> I understand that those addresses may require utilization substantiation.  

ARIN does not currently accept the SWIP as utilized as the TPIA provider by definition is not a 'customer' of the ISP.

> Are the Canadian ISP's required by government mandate to allocate IP's to cable providers in some 
> mandated quantity without any requirement for the cable operators to provide need or utilization 
> documentation?  How do you determine how big of a block to assign them?

The problem being faced is the inability to receive subsequent allocations. Specifically, once the initial allocation is used to number the footprint of the network (using small subnets to each node) it is impossible to achieve a 50% utilization of that initial allocation before any single node exhausts its pool. This policy would enable a subsequent allocation which would then be able to target areas of growth and augment the specific nodes that had become exhausted. This would greatly increase the overall utilization efficiency of the initial allocation which as a result would be able to reach the 50% threshold and qualify for future requests through existing policy.

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