[arin-ppml] Transactional transparency

Jimmy Hess mysidia at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 21:00:22 EDT 2012

On 7/1/12, Milton L Mueller <mueller at syr.edu> wrote:
> Let me again express my strong support for Jeff's suggestions regarding
> transparency and data about transfers.
> Responding to Tom's assertion that such information would be "unacceptable
> to most potential market participants," that assertion clashes with standard
This is a fair question.   New allocations are public knowledge, and
so is the organization
who received them.
Is there any reason that transfers should be treated any differently?

I will propose that all 8.2 and 8.3  transfers  shall be published
when they are completed; including the specific block,  network name,
size,  and handle of the transfer recipient. And there shall be no
secret with regards to when a transfer request is completed.

Transfer requests that are cancelled,  withdrawn, or rejected are
another matter -- the information should   be available and recorded
by ARIN,  but possibly details filtered, such as failed recipient,
failed transferrer, and exact block  (although its size should be
published),   since the transfer wasn't completed;  ARIN doesn't need
to unnecessarily embarrass requestors  who have made an error,  and
will likely be back to make a new request  or revision, once they have
understood the problem.

We don't need for detailed contact details to be included for
transferred blocks,  these should already be included in the WHOIS
service  before and after the transfer, at least when combined with
archives of past WHOIS data, and someone who  has a legitimate cause
to research these therefore already has the info available,  and there
are some anti-spam concerns about publishing e-mail addresses in any
therefore, I would say just network names, and the handles/record ids
required to lookup records in WHOIS.


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