[arin-ppml] Fwd: ARIN-prop-165 Eliminate Needs-Based Justification

Jeffrey Lyon jeffrey.lyon at blacklotus.net
Wed Feb 29 03:45:29 EST 2012

I suppose Prop 165 in spirit, but not necessarily as written. Some
immediate concerns:

- Should be reworded to exclude anyone sellers from making "free pool"
requests for an extended period of time, say 24 months
- Should not be limited to IPv4 (can't see a reason for such a provision)
- The current wording infers, but does not explicitly remove needs
basis from the transfer. This should be made more clear.
- Transferred resources should be subject to higher ARIN fees, if
doing so would substantially subsidize the cost of requests made in
the "free pool."

Jeffrey Lyon, Leadership Team
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