[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-165 Eliminate Needs-Based Justification

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I really don't know what you are on about. First recognise a difference 
between diversity and inequality. Secondly, you should have noted that I had 
no objection to the inequality, it is the gross inequality of which I speak 
and object to. Other than that you can continue to argue with yourself.


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Yes.  For example, we are all born with different levels of talents in 
various things and reach different levels of success or lack of success.  It 
is pure insanity to expect any "equal" result for all people.  That takes 
away incentive to get better.  Why should I bust my ass at something if I am 
not going to get anything more for it than the other guy?  And once that 
starts to happen EVERYONE suffers because that results in a general lack of 
advancement of the sort that has been experienced in, for example, socialist 
economies.  It just doesn't work, it goes against basic natural fundamentals 
and basic arithmetic. You cannot micromanage things to that level.  So you 
have some people who have a natural interest or talent in something.  They 
work hard at it, not because they are doing it out of some altruistic desire 
to "help people" but because they derive pleasure from it OR it comes easy 
to them and is very lucrative.  So they create great things from which the 
rest of us get to benefit from having in our society.

Life is not fair.  Can you imagine someone attempting to create a forest 
where every single tree is exactly equal?  It would not be able to advance 
beyond the weakest member.  It would die, it would become extinct.

Equality is one of those things that *sounds* nice but in reality is 
impossible.  Would you play a video game where nobody could be any better 
than anyone else?  I *WANT* my children to advance beyond their peers.  I 
*WANT* them to be more successful.  I am not interested in impeding anyone 
else, but I am interested in taking the best advantage of opportunities as 
they come along and having skills to take advantage of them.

When I hear people talk about *equality*, I generally hear self-loathing. 
Someone is envious of what someone else has and believes they can never 
attain it, so they want to take away what someone else has in order to 
somehow make them more equal.  That is destructive and hurts everyone.

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> Inequality is a fact of life, get used to it? Well facism is a fact of
> life get used to it... Poverty is a fact of life, get used to it. Wow!
> Easy for those on the giving end to say, but what about those on the
> receiving end?
> As for uselessness of the resources, how short sighted can one get?
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> > We must move to stamp out inequalities in this world; especially
> large
> > divides as this usually means that some will inevitably be left
> without
> > down the road and leaving people without is the cause of all the pain
> > in this world; one way or another. We must be careful how we
> establish
> > a few to become the power houses of this world. Legacy holders will
> > pass on someday and leave to their children what their children were
> > not in the front line fighting for and will probably forget what the
> > fight was about but become heirs to resources beyond their needs to
> > wield as they please and possibly against the wishes of the parents
> who
> > fought.
> >
> > Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past just like that?
> >
> > ROK
> Inequality is a fact of life.  Embrace it.  We cannot time-warp
> decisions
> made many years ago into today's reality.  An assignment given in good
> faith
> using proper procedure at the time cannot suddenly be undone today
> because
> someone thinks the decision made many years ago is no longer fair in
> today's
> light.  It was a decision that was agreed to.  How is suddenly changing
> the
> requirements on someone who already has an assignment "fair" for that
> person?
> Legacy holders will someday pass on a useless pile of obsolete IP
> addresses
> that nobody wants at any price.  We should be spending more time
> deploying
> v6 services and less time complaining about v4.  It really is as simple
> as
> that.  Native v6 services to the growing number of native v6 user
> deployments is the answer.  Is the goal of this simply to generate some
> cash
> windfall for legacy holders during the crunch time or is it designed to
> create a cash windfall for middlemen who will make out great in the
> initial
> transfers and leave others holding the bag when the market crashes?
> This is exactly the wrong time to eliminate needs requirements.  Take
> of
> your cape, crusader.  The only way to find "equality" is in poverty.

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