[arin-ppml] ARIN-prop-165 Eliminate Needs-Based Justification

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That's how you see it? A discussion on Keynesianism and social justice? You 
dismiss the plight of millions who live it everyday on an "ism". Well, if 
you are insulated, good for you.


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Hello "ROK",

Without devolving into a meta-discussion about Keynesianism and social
justice, can you identify particular problems with resources that have
been transfered under 8.3 being registered under the LRSA rather than
the regular RSA?




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> Really! While it may be agreeable that those who were in the front
> line should be rewarded, it should also be recognised that others, if
> they had the opportunity would have been right there as well and could
> have been equally rewarded but are not and could well do with some of
> those resources. To give "legacy holders" boundless resources way
> beyond their needs, is the kind of thinking that is now wreaking havoc
> on this world because a few have far too much. We are complaining
> about the one percent but yet our minds are so conditioned as to
> continue the madness.
> We must move to stamp out inequalities in this world; especially large
> divides as this usually means that some will inevitably be left
> without down the road and leaving people without is the cause of all
> the pain in this world; one way or another. We must be careful how we
> establish a few to become the power houses of this world. Legacy
> holders will pass on someday and leave to their children what their
> children were not in the front line fighting for and will probably
> forget what the fight was about but become heirs to resources beyond
> their needs to wield as they please and possibly against the wishes of
> the parents who fought.
> Are we doomed to repeat the mistakes of our past just like that?
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> Kevin Kargel <kkargel at polartel.com> writes:
>> Now - if a "legacy" holder returns or relinquishes or transfers
>> space and a
>> new registration or allocation or transfer needs to be effected then I do
>> strongly feel that the "new" allocation should fall under the common
>> rules,
>> restrictions and aegis provided by the community via ARIN RSA (*not*
>> LRSA).
> What is the difference between the two RSAs upon which your opinion
> pivots?  Does it simply boil down to amount of revenue that ARIN gets
> from a particular database entry?
> Disclaimer:  I am (personally) an LRSA signatory.
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