[arin-ppml] ARIN Fact Check: Term Limit Policies, etc.

George Bonser gbonser at seven.com
Sun Feb 26 22:45:20 EST 2012

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> 1) No term limits on trustees at present; note that trustees are not
> compensated for their service.

Oh, PLEASE don't EVER introduce "term limits" (seriously), that is about the worst idea that can possibly ever be done.  We would end up like California where people would be quite happy to vote for horrible decisions because they know they won't be around when the consequences of that bad decision come to fruition.  Term limits act in civil government to further enable graft and bribery.  A politician might hesitate to make a decision now that is thought to be likely to cause harm in 10 years time if the politician feels they might get held responsible for it.  One facing term limits well before that time has no problem voting for such legislation if there's enough "kick" in the campaign fund.  They know someone else will be left holding the bag.

Term limits are *always* a bad idea.  The notion that someone better stop us before we vote again is just insane.  It means some small vocal minority isn't enough to kick someone out of a position so they lobby to have a law put in place that does it for them.  

"Term Limits" are a bad idea.  I *would* however make sure there aren't such things any continuing benefits beyond the term of one's service in an elected position.

And $250K for a CEO in the tech field is actually paltry.  Small potatoes.  Measly.  There are a companies where individual contributors can make nearly that much depending on what they are working on.

Getting someone on board for any less than that would be very difficult, particularly in the DC suburbs.  At least getting anyone with a skill set capable of handling such a position.

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