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Milton -

   Is there an fairly straightforward economic explanation that addresses
   the questions that John Sweeting raised?  If so, could you outline it?


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Hi Milton,

A few questions since I am not an expert in markets.  Do you think there is a scenario where the largest and wealthiest of the world's ISP's would buy up as much address space as they could just to keep it out of the hands of their competitors? Or new start ups in their markets?  There are some very wealthy companies out there that would not blink an eye at spending the money needed to run their competitors out of the market but maybe that is not possible in this particular market. Is there a way that a small but well of portion of the market could insure prices are so high that the number of competitors would be capped or even reduced? As I said I am not an expert on markets so would very much welcome your views on this.

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