[arin-ppml] ARIN as a public interest business

mike mike at willitsonline.com
Wed Feb 22 23:44:17 EST 2012


	I am a small ISP and a small business that has 4 employees and under 
$1m/yr revenue. I depend on my ARIN as/ip assignments because my 
business model demands the technical features that only being an AS with 
PI IPv4 space can provide. I am very unhappy however with the price I 
pay yearly to ARIN, which operates apparently in a vacuum and in 
complete ignorance of fiscal responsibility, witness the squandering of 
it's funds which then have to come out of my pocket. I work my tail off 
for every dollar I make and every time I send a check to ARIN it makes 
my blood boil knowing how you spend it.

I can do without:

	The 'team arin' comics - https://www.arin.net/knowledge/comic.html

	The personal phone calls from ARIN staffers regarding elections I don't 
care about that I get every year.

	The refrigerator magnet advising same.

	The hand signed paper mail letters about same.

	... and on and on and on....

	I would love to know, if ARIN was forced to operate like a business, 
how cheaply could ip resource assignments be made? Do you think some of 
these 'expenses' could be trimmed so that my next bill due is smaller 
than the year before? And how could customer service at ARIN improve if 
under a business model where customer satisfaction was actually a stated 
goal, instead of just an accidental by-product that nobody currently is 
responsible for providing, and people could actually get fired for being 
mouthy and rude unlike today's academic institution/tenured professor 
immunity to consequences attitude that exists now?

	Please don't hate me. I am a business and just think you should be, too.


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