[arin-ppml] New Policy Proposal

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Aug 16 18:33:19 EDT 2012

>>>>> "William" == William Herrin <bill at herrin.us> writes:
    William> So, the cable companies found a loophole in the CRTC's
    William> requirement that they could exploit to compel the
    William> competitive ISPs to act in a manner inconsistent with ARIN
    William> policy. Rock and a hard place, as someone else said, but
    William> the rock is the cable company not the CRTC. And the CRTC
    William> has a large hammer which they use to pound on the rocks
    William> when they find it needful.

    William> What's your guess as to what would happen if one of the
    William> ISPs filed a complaint with the CRTC to the effect that a
    William> cable company had made an unreasonable addressing demand? 
    William> What if the complaint was accompanied by written guidance
    William> from ARIN to the effect that assigning IPv4 address pools
    William> far in advance of actual users is inconsistent with current
    William> international standards for IPv4 address management.


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